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Stronger Relationships.

TermStreet was founded on the philosophy that technology could be used to build stronger relationships between commercial property owners and the lending community.  More than a common marketplace, the TermStreet Platform enables superhuman communication efficiency throughout the transaction process.  Every interaction is amplified in value through our proprietary Lender Engagement Tools.

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At TermStreet, our Multifamily program aligns perfectly with your interests.

How Does it Work?

You pick the Agency Lender or Lenders that we work with

TermStreet canvasses the entire market to beat your agency quotes

If we execute with an Agency Lender, the lender pays us a no more than a 0.03% servicing strip. If we execute with a non-Agency Lender, you pay our fee.

How Can We Afford to Do This?

At TermStreet, we have developed cloud communication tools that put your lender engagement in fast forward.   What this means is that the value of every interaction is multiplied.  We give the agency lenders a day or two head start to begin their initial underwriting.  Then, when we give the rest of the market access to the deal, they benefit from all of the underwriting that was already completed by the Agency Lenders.  The Agency lenders then become the stalking horse that TermStreet works to beat.  TermStreet is simple, efficient, and free of all conflicts of interest. 

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