Job Opportunity: Managing Director – Mortgage Brokerage

Location:            Nationwide

Title:                   Partner / Managing Director in Charge of Mortgage Brokerage

Reports to:        Founder & CEO, Matt Bertram

How to Apply:   Send Resume and Cover letter to

The Managing Director will join the executive team with a singular focus on mortgage brokerage and building a successful mortgage brokerage platform.  Previous experience in mortgage brokerage is a necessary requirement for this role.  Experience in the multifamily space is particularly desirable.

A successful candidate will show a track record of success in business development in real estate mortgage and/or equity brokerage.  Existing relationships with commercial real estate owners and lenders is a must.  The ability to mentor team members as the platform grows is also important to the role.

Drive for results is a prerequisite.  The candidate must possess an entrepreneurial spirit and a fearlessness in pursuit of achieving the firm’s goals.  We have no patience for doing things the way everyone else in the industry currently operates.  The candidate must have a demonstrated track record of disruptive vision.

TermStreet is both a commercial real estate firm and a tech company and a candidate must have a desire to work with our technologists to improve the technology in addition to core responsibilities in business development.  Expectation is for a candidate to conceive, implement, and iterate upon new ideas to generate value for the firm.

Additional responsibilities may include:

  1. Work with venture capital partners to raise capital
  2. Strategic thought to expand the brand to new niche markets or other verticals
  3.  Build TermStreet Brand through various media outlets possibly including Social Media, Podcasts, Video, White Papers, and more traditional media outlets
  4. Build Personal Brand as Industry Thought Leader
  5.  Develop strategic alliances

Compensation will be commensurate with experience and qualifications of the candidate.  Candidate will have the opportunity to earn base salary + commission and profit sharing.  There is a possibility of acquiring equity in the firm upon hire and/or earning an equity interest in the company with success in the role.  Candidate should expect compensation to be highly dependent upon performance.

TermStreet was founded on the philosophy that technology could be used to build stronger relationships between commercial real owners and the lending community.  More than a common marketplace, the TermStreet Platform enables superhuman communication efficiency throughout the transaction process.  Every interaction is amplified in value through our proprietary “Crowd Underwriting” tools.  Crowd Underwriting allows our clients to engage the entire lending community in the time you would normally spend with just a single lender all while maintaining total control of your privacy.

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