About TermSt.

“At TermStreet, we say our business is CRE Capital Markets. In reality, TermSt. is The CRE Capital Market.

Matt Bertam – Founder, CEO

At TermStreet, our proprietary technology offers CRE owners a secure marketplace with efficient and effective communication tools and an organized file sharing platform.

Designed to earn and keep the attention of best in class lenders, Term Street enables clients to engage more lenders in less time and ensure certainty of execution. We cut the fat out of loan origination process. Clients benefit by controlling the process and communicating directly with interested lenders, minimizing the miscommunications that put deals at risk. The exponential power of our technology allows Clients to close more deals on better terms.

At TermStreet, we meld people, technology, and process to enhance the capital markets experience whether you own a single property or hundreds.

One size does not fit all when it comes to your next CRE Loan. If you need full service advisory, meet our professionals with billions in closed transactions as lenders, principals, developers, and brokers across the industry and in every corner of the country (and globe). If you have a capable team, but need to enhance your process with our lender relationships and technological efficiencies, let us supplement your team. Our goal at TermSt. is to add value exactly where you need, when you need it, only paying for the services actually required.

TermStreet is not just tech, our team of CRE professionals have secured over $10 billion in financing for clients over our careers. Our team and our technology ensure you a bespoke experience with market-perfected terms based upon your individualized financing strategy.

TermStreet Tools

Automated Loan Request Package

Secure File Management

Proprietary Communication Management

Quote Review & Negotiate

Global Lender Database

TermSt. is the Capital Marketplace

At TermSt., we say our business is Capital Markets, but in reality, TermSt. is The Capital Market. The TermStreet marketplace is where capital and deals intersect. Our proprietary tools empower owners of commercial real estate to engage more lenders in less time.

TermStreet – Where capital and deals intersect.

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