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At TermSt. we believe that no man is an island and the same goes for great companies. We look to build bridges with like-minded individuals and companies that are interested in sharing their talent, experience and ideas making our entire network stronger.

We welcome new partnerships (or just friendships). Reach out to us if you are interested in a partnership with TermSt.

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We work closely with TermStreet on equity and debt transactions in the hospitality space. Their market knowledge and relationships enhance our ability to serve our clients.

Geoff Davis - Davis Hotel Capital

DHC has unparalleled experience in the sale of hotel assets, as well as raising equity for a wide range of hotel types, including complex resorts, hotel portfolios, independent boutique hotels, select service properties, and full service urban and suburban hotels. With over 30 years of hotel experience, including investment banking, management, development and direct investment, DHC has a profound understanding of the hotel world, which translates to obtaining the best terms for our clients. When it comes time to sell a hotel, DHC ‘s experience in making a market for an asset is based on senior level executive’s direct involvement, bringing to bear a wealth of Investor relationships, and overcoming deal obstacles, for the benefit of our clients.


When it comes to selling unique assets, we bring to bear expert advice on value, marketing approach and value-add scenarios based on actual industry experience as not just a trusted Advisor, but as a Principal as well. We have walked in your shoes.

 For joint venture equity, our experience and innovative advisors make that capital placement happen. Known for our integrity and relationships, we have the contacts and experience to help you achieve your goals.

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