At TermStreet we realize that not all real estate is created equal and not all advisers should take on specialty assignments in an asset class they do not understand.

Over time we will develop specialty practice groups to ensure that you have world-class talent on every deal, no matter the property type or your capital need.



With this in mind, TermStreet has developed a specialty practice group focus exclusively on hospitality transactions. Hospitality properties are more than just a simple real estate transaction. The operational nature of the business requires specialty insight and relationships that your typical loan adviser at one of our competitors just does not grasp. Our team of hospitality professionals has operated both as operator, developer, and lender in the hospitality industry. With over $3 billion in hospitality transactions closed by our team, TermSt. Hospitality Advisers is one of the industries top practitioners. When you need a partnership with true hospitality professionals, your first call should be to TermStreet Hospitality Advisers.

Dave Bland runs the Hospitality Practice Group.  You can read his bio here or reach out to

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