David Bland Interview

David Bland

Managing Director

Denver, CO



What is the most interesting deal you have ever closed?

The Pointe South Mountain Resort in Phoenix AZ. My team created value of this property by the establishment of a long-term vision for the resort, brand reposition, new operator selection, capital improvements and new infrastructure development. Virtually every aspect of hospitality asset management was deployed to take the asset from $75 million in value to an exit via a sale of $204 million over a 6-year period.

How did you end up in Real Estate?

My Father said when home mortgage rates hit 3% or lower, he would finance another house for our family to move into and then rent the house we just moved out of. So, we moved three times before I was in middle school and I learned how to maintain the rental houses for our family real estate business. I naturally gravitated to running my College Fraternity house rental operation during the summers. My second job out of school was with the first public syndicator of commercial hotels and I caught the “hospitality bug” which has influenced my whole working life since. 

What do you do when you aren’t working?

I may not be a Wisconsin Badger like my partners but I love my favorite NFL team, the Green Bay PACKERS. I love WhatsApp calls with my kids and grandchild, my good golf shots, sailing a boat in a decent wind, working with the right tools, and adding more books to my Amazon list than I read. 

What are your favorite books and podcasts?

My favorite business books include “The New Market Wizards” by Jack Schwager and “The Great Deformation” by David Stockman. Other favorites include “Thorium: energy cheaper than coal” by Robert Hargraves and “EST: Playing the Game” by Carl Frederick

Last Book you read – “EST: Playing the Game” by Carl Frederick.

Next Book on your list – “Speak like CHURCHILL, Stand like LINCOLN” by James Humes

Favorite Podcasts – “War Room Pandemic” by Steve Bannon. This podcast is covering the 2020 Coronavirus outbreak which started in China.

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