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Because we are not a broker, we encourage lenders to work directly with our clients creating stronger and more sustainable relationships.

Let us help you find new [direct] relationships and add great loans to your portfolio.

TermStreet for Lenders

If TermStreet is not a mortgage brokerage, what is it?

TermStreet is a subscription based technology solution for borrowers to efficiently present potential transactions to their lenders and TermStreet’s lenders.  TermStreet technology assists with the deal presentation, file share, quote comparison and most importantly, communication.  

Our ultimate goal is to help lenders enhance existing relationships and build new relationships while engaging more efficiently on all deals.

No Fee for Lenders Ever

Super Efficient Deal Communication

Vetted quality Deals that fit your box

Always packaged and modeled

Only Strong Borrowers

Get Started in minutes

How does TermStreet compare to a traditional mortgage broker? Let's ask a few questions.

It takes almost nothing to get started. Request a Demo with our Lender Engagement Team.

What we are hearing from the lending community...

At PNC, we value direct relationships.  As such, deals that come in direct go to the top of the pile.  We appreciate TermStreet for helping us grow our pipeline of direct deals.

PNC bank

Loan Originator

I just love the TermStreet Multifamily Program.  It really allows me to see deals that I would not have otherwise seen.  Everything is vetted and sized making it easy for me to respond quickly.  And the question & answer portal is incredibly unique.


Loan Originator

Some of my best clients are starting to talk about TermStreet.  I guess I should get on board.


Loan Originator

I don’t do technology.


Old School Originator

Lender Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any charge for a lender on the platform?

No.  There is never any charge for a lender to be on the platform.

How can I join the TermStreet Platform?

There is really very little that you are required to do.  You can create an account and tell us about your lending programs at app.termst.com.

However, you do not even need to do that.  The best thing you can do to see deals form TermStreet is to get to know our team.  Send us an email or setup a call.  Once we know what you are looking for, we will send you deals that fit your parameters.

We use some search and filtering tools to help in the process, but ultimately all lenders for each deal are hand selected by combining some TermStreet relationships with the borrower’s existing relationships.  So the key is to let us know what you want to see.

Can I come to the TermStreet site and browse through available deals?

No.  At TermStreet we believe in privacy and confidentiality.  You will only have access to deals that we specifically assign to you.

In the future we may add some limited browsing functionality, but you will never be able to browse all deals on the platform.

What kinds of deals are on the TermStreet Platform?

Nothing is really off limits, however, we are focused on aligning with large and sophisticated sponsors that have in-house capital markets teams.  This tends to be borrowers with >$250 million in AUM.

We are also building out a multifamily specific program and expect to see a high volume of multifamily in 2024.

I'm a hard money lender. Do you see andy deals for me?

We love hard money and while it is not a core focus, we tend to see some quality fast close transactions that need hard money.  We have plans for a hard money niche in 2024.  We’d love to get to know you and hear your thoughts.

What can I do to get an edge over my competition on the TermStreet Platform?

We try not to play favorites and we we lenders on the platform that appreciate the platform for the benefits it brings to the lending community.  The key to winning deals on our platform is to get engaged.  Ask questions, communicate, reach out to the borrowers directly, issue quotes and connect with the TermStreet team.  All of these things will help you win deals.

Separately, you may win (a little bit of) favor with us by providing content for our blog.  If you have content or want to participate in a video interview, please let us know.

Do you want more deals? Better Deals? Larger Deals? Faster Communications? More time to play golf? Get started and we can make your life a bit better!

A word from our Founder...

I designed each component of the TermStreet Platform to create efficient deal management and lender engagement for institutional caliber real estate owners and their lenders. Save a minute here, an hour there, and a few days along the way with each deal you close.

Even better, TermStreet builds relationships. Build strong, Direct Relationships with new sponsors and enhance relationships with your existing relationships by helping them improve their process with TermStreet.

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